A paper zine stands open, with the front and back covers facing the viewer. The cover to the lefthas a deep blue background with two teeth, wisdom teeth, in the centre. The teeth are highlighted with contrasting magenta light. The cover to the right has a deep magenta background with two teeth, wisdom teeth, in the centre. The teeth are highlighted with contrasting blue light. One tooth has a large chip just below the crown. The zine stands on vibrant green grass. Squash leaves peek out from behind the covers.
Love Tooth Zine

New Zine Available: Experimental documentary project Give Birth Love Tooth, a story told by a pair of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth/사랑니) that had been extracted.

Art Action Earwig's Home Squat Home zine cover
Home Squat Home Zine

Thank you! Our Zine Campaign gives 20%, ($2), from each HsH zine sale during Home Squat Home at the Access Gallery's Conditional Belonging, to aid displaced and houseless people in the DTES

Tadafumi, Wryly and Minah sweep flower petals, winging. Wryly wears a gold record on their head.
What The Flower Knows

Multimedia Theatre. Created by Tadafumi Tamura, Minah Lee and Wryly Andherson. Created for cosmic themed performance series The Array December 2022. Presented by Upintheair Theatre

Light blue art action earwig's earwig icon on black smart phone screen
Home Squat Home mobile app

This mobile squatting-in-a-smartphone application provides an intimate audiovisual performance using shadow puppets made of upcycled and recycled materials on the surface of a tent.

The image splits in two, left and right. The image on the right shows 4 tents in yellow, red and blue. Two people walk among the tents in white masks. The image on the left shows a person in a tent, wearing a t-shirt and green shorts, gesturing with a right hand toward a computer on the tent floor while speaking. Green running shoes sit outside the light brown tent with maroon details.
Po-Tent City Seoul

Review in Korean language, written by poet/director of CCOT(꽃), Lee Chulsung: “팬데믹 시대의 텐트형 예술행동”,

4 people sit around a colourful picnic blanket on grass under trees. Rebecca Wang, Tadafumi Tamura, Minah Lee, Wryly Andherson. Minah on the left sitting in a red camp chair gestures while speaking.
Our Work Is These Conversations

Podcast: EP2 “To Belong Beyond Nationalities” A conversation between Art Action Earwig and photographer Tadafumi Tamura, facilitated and edited by Rebecca Wang for podcast through The Access Gallery.

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