Home Squat Home in Your Ear at 2020 Vines Art Festival

Sonic squatting + zine sales (online)

5-minute excerpt from Home Squat Home, Ho’s letter to generations before ME (20min)

Home Squat Home is originally a performance installation for storytelling using shadow puppetry and light projections on the surface of a tent. At Vines, the performance is boiled down to a sonic squatting in your ear. The stories bring together personal and collective memories, traumatic observations of capitalist societies’ systemic failures, desires for true care and change manifested by grassroots movements. Squatting is both a profound reconnection to primary human desires and a political action to realize our dignity as nature-beings.

We encourage you to go to Trout Lake Park or a park near you to fully experience the sonic performance. 

To download or access the audio online, go to the dedicated interactive map here.

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