Heart of the City Festival 2020

Art Action Earwig in front of the Home Squat Home tent theatre. Shadow puppets are scattered on the floor.

Art Action Earwig’s Po-tent City at the 17th Heart of the City Festival featured two streams of audiovisual storytelling: the Home Squat Home Mobile App and the Climate Shadow Series. 

Home Squat Home Mobile App – Online & Installation in Woodward’s Atrium. October 28-November 8.

Climate Shadow Series: Midnight Mirror & Mo’s Closet – Live stream from KW Studios with Q&A. November 4th.

An interactive community activity station was planned for Po-tent City: redistributing our clothing and other belongings, dreamed during this year’s pre-pandemic world, In lieu of this activity we supported Employ to Empower’s Street Shop, to promote a healthy ecology of our material and human relations.

To amplify the message of our piece, and support the community we are immensely supported by, we dedicated $2 from each Home Squat Home zine online sale until November 15th to The Street Store. To learn more, visit: https://employtoempower.com/advocacy/

To get Home Squat Home Zine, visit here.

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