This zine performance is part of a larger gesture, a tooth for decolonial efforts, Give Birth Love Tooth. The story is inspired by a pair of extracted 3rd molars (wisdom teeth/ ‘love’ teeth in Korean, 사랑니).

On That Woman’s 38th birthday, That Woman is reminded that her single mother was 38 when she gave birth to her. Her molars gain unusual abilities to express willfully forgotten and silenced memories of That Woman’s body; lost labors, language barriers, legal struggles, and longing for love. Understanding of the body, through experiences in medical, legal, and institutional systems, surge a strong desire to decolonize body and mind.

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cover photos by Tadafumi Tamura

inner cover 사랑니photo by Tadafumi, title art by Minah Lee 이민아

page 1,3, 8, 10, 17 photos by Tadafumi

artwork, text, and design by Minah

QR linked soundbites by Wryly Andherson

produced by Minah Lee and Wryly Andherson

©2022 Art Action Earwig


We are grateful for the support of Vines Art Festival 2021 and Boca del Lupo’s 2021 SLaM development program for early stages of the evolving story QR coded in the Zine.

We acknowledge the funding support from Canada Council for the Arts.

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