Shadows We Cast

Minah and Wryly sit in Pandora Park looking reading from a copy of their Home Squat Home zine. Minah is in the foreground with a bright red toque, eyes cast down on the zine. Wryly is behind Minah wearing a black toque and purple winter coat, eyes cast down on the zine. A playground and field house are in the distance behind them, along with some trees and houses. The sky is overcast in a blaring grayish white that swallows the trees.

2021, 12 min.

Art Action Earwig’s Short film made with interviews and documentations of their art projects during COVID-19 pandemic. Longing for home takes its journey throughout the film.

Directed by Minah Lee with Wryly Andherson (Art Action Earwig)

Facilitated by Ruggero Romano
Camera operators: Ruggero Romano & Conor Provenzano
Edited by Seigfred Perolino

Original Music by Wryly Andherson
Songs/poems from Home Squat Home and Climate Shadow Series by Minah Lee

Simplified Chinese translation by Yilin Wang

Accessibility: English captions, simplified Chinese subtitles, Korean subtitles

Protocol Welcome in the film by Cecilia Point from xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam) nation. It took place in the beginning of Art Action Earwig’s Climate Shadow Series show live streamed from KW Studios in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) at the 17th Heart of the City Festival in 2020. This project was made possible through Vancouver Foundation and DTES Small Arts Grant.

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We are grateful for the support of the Vancouver Foundation and the Downtown East Side Small Arts Grant.

4 images from left to right depict shadow scenes. The first on the left features a person's silhouette bent forward with right elbow raised. Behind the figure a pink bubble expands to a deep red and then into a black vignette with plants and Earth. A green light streaks across the top right. In the second image the person's silhouette is still bent forward, but the left elbow is raised. A blue bubble expands in the sky from a dark centre to a light ring and then a dark ring and into black. Coniferous trees stand on the left and leafless deciduous trees stand behind the person. An outhouse sits at the bottom right. In the third image light falls on shadow puppets in the foreground. Their shadows fall on a screen revealing a child looking down and a ladies washroom sign icon looks down at the child concerned.In the fourth and final image, a mouth with purplish lips is partially open mid sentence revealing the top row of teeth. The mouth is enclosed in shadow but a nose and eyes carved out of the shadow complete the face.

Shadows We Cast will be screened at Heart of the City Festival 2021. Join us on Zoom for a movie and a protest sign! ART ACTION EARWIG shares their short film Shadows We Cast (2021, 12 min), followed by workshop Shadow Sign For Bedroom Protest, inviting you to share your thoughts about climate crisis via a shadow sign. November 4, at 7pm.

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