In this moving image, made of 6 sequential photos by Marjo Wright, taken for the 2021 rEvolver Theatre Festival, the artists are holding white pillows in front of a shipping container painted blue with black lined white graffiti lettering. Minah is wearing bright red lipstick that matches her pants. Dangling triangular earrings with pink knitting swing above her indigo rain jacket. Wryly is wearing a black toque that matches the pants. A green rubber rain coat frames a pink and blue sweater. Wryly strikes a pillow to Minah’s legs. Minah strikes a pillow to Wryly’s back with a smile. Wryly takes the toque off with a smile. Minah strikes the pillow to Wryly’s face with a tough smile. Wryly’s face goes from tough to ecstatic.
6 sequential photos by Marjo Wright, taken for the 2021 rEvolver Theatre Festival

What to expect and things you can prepare for/bring to the workshop:
-If you are hoping to make cut-out signs, prepare shadow making supplies (pen/pencil, paper, tape, cardboard, materials you can upcycle such as containers in your recycle bins, scissors, cutting blade, cutting mat or thick paper to put underneath.)-a table or floor surface.
-a projection source (flashlight, cell phone flashlight, or overhead projector are good choices)
-If you want to document a shadow sign, you need a room/space that can be made dark (darker is better) and a white/bright surface you can project on such as a wall or sheet.
– This gathering is also about witnessing, conversation, and being together. You can participate in a way that is comfortable and satisfying for you. You can just bring your open mind!

Tech requirements for participants:
-access to devices such as laptop, PC, or smart phone.
-access to the Internet
-access to Zoom

Shadow Sign For Bedroom Protest invites participants to share their thoughts about climate crisis via a shadow sign, from their bedrooms or homes. By cutting a thought or message into paper, a sign is made that can be shared by shining a flashlight (or cell-phone light) through the paper onto a wall or sheet, and taking a photo or screen capture of the image. Participants are encouraged to upload the photo or screen capture of their shadow sign into a mosaic that is created from the collection of all participants shadow signs at The algorithm that organizes these shadow signs calculates their placement with the goal of creating an Earth shape. The goal is to see the Earth image grow as it integrates new shadow signs and illustrates a planet in protest over the climate crisis.

Presentation History.

What My Clothing Remembers reminds participants of the origin of their clothing and patterns of production and consumption in the clothing industry. Participants are prompted to investigate where their clothing was made, to look inside for the tag, and discuss patterns of clothing production and consumption .

Presentation History.

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