Zine Shop

If you are locals in Vancouver or Nanaimo, you can get it at a reduced price of $10 from these beautiful stores, and support both us artists and the stores.


Wyrd Wealth in The Vault Bazaar.


On Commercial Drive: Spartacus Books

In Chinatown: Massy Books

On Main: Lucky’s Books and Comics

In lieu of the interactive community activity station at Po-tent City redistributing our clothing and other belongings, dreamed during this year’s pre-pandemic world, we are supporting the Employ to Empower’s Street Shop to promote a healthy ecology of our material and human relations. Our Climate Shadow Series (live stream from KW Studios on Nov 4, 7;30pm) is about the ecology of what we wear and share.

To amplify the message of our piece, and support the community we are immensely supported by, we are going to dedicate $2 from each Home Squat Home zine online sale until December 15th 2020 to The Street Store. 

$2 from each online sale in July was dedicated to the PowellStFest Community Kitchen. Thank you everyone who chose this piece of art on recycled paper and supported the food security program launching this fall 2020 for unhoused and under-housed people in the DTES! 

For the month of August, $0.25 from each sale will still go to the Powell Street festival’s DTES community care program. $.1.75 from each sale will go to our donation to K.T. Tent City Laundry Fund.

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