What The Flower Knows

Created and performed by Art Action Earwig (2022). 17-20 min. Multimedia Theatre.

Introducing Tadafumi Tamura!
with Minah Lee
and Wryly Andherson

As Voyager 1 and 2 cruise beyond the solar system, the 2 elder Gold Records and a Gold Record not yet materialized muse on the aspirations and foils of human ambition, memory and alienation. What is beyond the knowledge of humankind? How they have alienated their bottoms. How they have celebrated and prioritized certain aspects of humanity while forsaking the whole. Will they be able to clean up their mess, that is not included in the Voyager Golden Records?

Created for cosmic themed performance series The Array December 2022. Presented by Upintheair Theatre

For the third of Upintheair Theatre’s speculative fiction performance series, The Array, based on the theme of Beyond the Knowledge of Humankind.

Dec 1-3, 2022. WhatLab 1814 Pandora Street, Vancouver.

Photos by Marjo Wright:

Tadafumi, Wryly and Minah sweep flower petals, winging. Wryly wears a gold record on their head.
Tadafumi, Wryly and Minah pluck roses.
Minah plucks a rose.
Minah pinches water over a vase.